Lighting Trends To Watch In 2015

Tech Lighting 700TDMALP Mali Line-Voltage Pendant 120V

Tech Lighting 700TDMALP Mali Line-Voltage Pendant 120V

2015 Lighting Trends

Today’s lighting styles could very well take permanent hold for the future – mainly, focusing on sustainable and energy-efficient options that are becoming increasingly important even in vintage-inspired styles. Added to this are fun trends that are taking off in the moment.

Be ahead of the game by knowing 7 major lighting trends to look for in 2015:

1. Making the Switch to LEDs

This will come to no one’s surprise. Even those clinging desperately to their beloved incandescents (if there be such folks) know that LED lighting is here to stay. Remember, these oldies are being phased out as of 2014, meaning the U.S. will no longer import or manufacture these bulbs. Significantly, LED lighting is both practical and affordable as compared to other alternatives.

The demand for LED lighting, particularly in the kitchen and bathroom has grown exponentially according to residential architects. Costs for customers are also going steadily downward as their use becomes more ubiquitous. LED cabinet lighting is in especially strong demand, along with LED cove lighting.

Outdoor LED lighting is also on an upswing. Many consumers are enhancing their patios, pathways, porches, and gardens with additional lighting.

2. Clustering Glass Pendants

Pendant lighting is a hot item at the moment. Artisan glass pendants and bowls are important silhouettes that stand out for the next year.

Glass pendants are extremely versatile and transcend several décor styles. Glass pendant lights can be used to offer a direct source of light to a particular task area or can be a decorative accessory use to bring mood and color into a room. Clustering single-light pendants or hanging multi-light fixtures in gathering spaces like the living room or dining room, is another growing trend, with many consumers attracted to the sleek and timeless figures of these types of lights.

3. Chandeliers In New Places

Polished Nickel Finish - Murray Feiss F2812/3PN Malia 3 Light Mini Chandelier

Polished Nickel Finish – Murray Feiss F2812/3PN Malia 3 Light Mini Chandelier

Chandeliers are another item that used to be relegated to the dining room, weddings or a dramatic ball room. They were often seen as a glamorous object suited for only equally opulent surroundings. Now, these beauties are turning up in unexpected places; from kitchens and baths to laundry rooms.

Also, chandeliers aren’t just for the super-wealthy anymore. There are plenty of stunning, affordable options on the market today that will not sacrifice style.

Mini chandeliers fit into this category. With their small scale, they are just right for limited-size spaces such as bathrooms, attic bedrooms and small suites.

And, if you can easily afford it, the demand for traditional crystal chandeliers is coming into play once again. Many manufacturers are also willing to customize chandelier details which sees customers now willing spend extra for personalization.

4. Lighting Inside Drawers and Cabinets

Using a flashlight or turning on an overhead light to peer into a dimly-lit space is a thing of the past. There are simple and elegant solutions to this problem: they’re adding lighting inside those formerly-dark spaces.

You can use LED strip lights, motion detecting lights that use AAA batteries, or unlike  battery operated units, you can also use a strip system that turns on and off and is controlled by the contact between two magnetic switches. This model would need to be plugged into a power supply.

5. LED Lighting In the Shower

Rainshower heads with changing LED lights are a fun fashion in bathroom lighting that will be sure to take off in the next year. These heads are constructed of stainless steel and possess temperature sensitive LED lights, that will treat you to a dazzling display of color when you wash.


6. Wireless Lighting and Security Control Systems

Functional lighting design that’s incorporated into the home security system is becoming more important to consumers. These systems are increasingly going wireless, and incorporating either outdoor or indoor lighting (sometimes both.) Wireless light controls offer additional security to your system. When an alarm is triggered, your lights will turn on, illuminating the area and keeping you aware and potentially safer.  Many are able to be placed on timers or schedules, so that lights can come on in your home at varied times of the day, helpful also for those going on vacation who want to appear to have someone at home.

7. Copper Light Fixtures

A creative choice, copper often marries technology and jewelry craftsmanship beautifully.  Classic metallics like copper never go out of style, and the last few years have seen an abundance of new designs. Most lighting manufacturers are incorporating copper into their new collections. Unlike other metals, copper is extremely versatile, making it easy to integrate with contemporary and traditional interiors.

SPJ Lighting SPJ18-20 Low Voltage Mini Hanging

SPJ Lighting SPJ18-20 Low Voltage Mini Hanging Pendant

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