4 Easy Lighting Fixes For Your Home

4 Easy Lighting Fixes For Your Home

By Clarissa Allison | April 15th, 2016

The kind of impact even the most minor improvements to our lives can make, is amazing. We can work better and focus easier when our work area is clean and organized. We save time, while generally living and sleeping better when there is a place for everything and everything is in its place. Likewise, the lighting we live with every day has a similar effect on our mood, well-being and concentration. Below we have noted 4 easy fixes to common household lighting issues that you can implement today to make your home the haven it is meant to be. Click the images to be directed to the product page on our site.

The Problem: Kitchen Lighting Glare

The kitchen is a place in our homes we will visit several times a day, so it makes sense that it should remain a comfortable place for frequent use. A good place to start would be obvious lighting problems.  Many homeowners have installed lighting that is far too bright and causes a harsh glare on the kitchen surfaces, while not properly illuminating counter spaces appropriately.

The Fix: Add Ambient Lighting

1. Make sure the lighting in your kitchen is hung appropriately. There is a general guideline that pendants should be placed 28 to 34 inches above the counter top, or 72 inches above the floor.

2. Install low voltage LED strip lighting underneath your cabinet spaces. This option is gaining popularity with homeowners as undercabinet lighting is unobtrusive and adds ambient lighting in areas that wouldn’t otherwise by lit by pendant lights alone. LED strip lights are easy to install and they are a cost effective way to give your kitchen a cohesive lighting scheme.

3. Install a dimmer switch. This will make the amount of light needed at any given time (preparing dinner vs. midnight snacking) fully customizable.


The Problem: A Dull Living Room

Many of us grew up in homes where the living room consisted of a couple of matching table lamps on either side of the sofa, and the occasional floor lamp – full stop. Not having the right lighting scheme for your household needs can take its toll when fun activities like game night, dinner parties or reading fall by the wayside.

The Fix: Balance of Light

1. Rearrange your furniture. Open the space by replacing bulky, unwelcoming furniture with something more streamlined, if necessary.  The new furniture arrangement will be much more inviting,  If you have a fireplace, make it a focal point by flanking it with decorative wall sconces in alabaster or art glass.

2. Make sure there are several sources of light in your living room. Ambient, task and overhead lighting are all necessary to find the balance you want in a living area. Achieve this by adding fixtures like an arcing floor lamp, wall sconces, and replacing an old ceiling fan with a modern design that includes an LED light kit.

3. For a low profile ceiling lighting option, choose recessed lighting. With both down and directional options in a multitude of light sources, you’ll be able to direct your accent lighting as desired. Recessed lights also come in a variety of designs that create patterns of light and reduce reflective glare.

The Problem: The Space Feels Cramped

It is common for those of us who are apartment or studio dwellers to struggle with enhancing our decor in a small amount of space without making it just appear even smaller. The task can seem impossible, but rest assured, it’s not as daunting as it first appears.

The Fix: Utilize Natural Light

1. Locate the natural light in your home and enhance it. This may seem like a no-brainer, but if you have a big picture window, show it off. Make sure it stays spotless and if possible, curtain free.

2. Purchase a lighted mirror. Lit mirrors are an amazing home decor asset to have in your arsenal, for they will simultaneously make your room appear larger when placed opposite a window, are aesthetically beautiful and serve as functional and ambient lighting during the evenings, without taking up horizontal space in your home.


The Problem: Dreary Dining Room

Do you use your dining room to dine? A recent IKEA study found that up to 36% of us don’t. If you’d like to get more use out of your dining area than just for special occasions, read on.

The Fix: Personalize Your Living Space

1. No one says you have to have a dedicated dining room. You could take an opportunity to expand this room into a second family, activity or reading area. Remove the traditional chandelier and dining table, and install a series of bubble lamps or mini pendants. Add more seating, a low profile round coffee table and fun floor lamps, and you’ve redesigned the entire flow of your home inexpensively.

2. If you want to use your dining room more often, consider the atmosphere in the room. Upgrade your chandelier to an unexpected style like the silk Samarkanda by Fortuny, and try placing two table lamps on your buffet. Rope lighting, which is another easy way to add accent lighting, calls attention to beautiful alcoves without additional clutter.


We hope you’ve found some inspiration for your home lighting design. Please contact us with questions or to obtain a consultation on your project by calling 1-877 385 2104 or emailing info@louielighting.com. The Louie Lighting Team wishes you and yours a safe and happy weekend!


4 Easy Lighting Fixes For Your Home

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