5 Bedroom Lighting Looks To Steal Now

The appeal of this minimalist and modern bedroom is evident in the classic lines and stark white details. This no-fuss decorating style achieves crisp, high end drama. Image Source: http://www.flologicfl.com/

The appeal of this minimalist and modern bedroom is evident in the classic lines and pure white lighting details. This no-fuss decorating style achieves crisp, high end drama.    Image:  http://www.flologicfl.com/

By Clarissa Allison | May 29th, 2015

We all need a little inspiration to reveal our true creativity. If you’ve tired of your boring bedroom’s look, here are five on-trend ideas on how to illuminate your dream bedroom getaway brilliantly.

1. Unexpected objects in the same color family. At first thought, using lamps that are large enough to be placed as floor lamps may seem like it would be cumbersome. But when sleek, unobtrusive and blending in with the surrounding scheme, this can be a fun surprise that draws the eye to details you wish to highlight, such as interesting wallpaper or art.


Steal The Lighting Look Online – The Artemide TOL0020 Tolomeo Classic LED Table Lamp with Clamp Aluminum

My White Light (MWL) combines the Advantages of LED technology with those of the My White Light technology, enabling numerous variations of white light to be obtained, with different intensities and varieties of color temperature, with a range from 2,500K (warm light) to 10,000K (cold light) This lamp is fully adjustable, articulated arm structures in extruded aluminum.

Artemide TOL0020 Tolomeo Classic LED Table Lamp with Clamp Aluminum


2.  Obvious Opulence. There is no better place to showcase a bit of glamour than in your bedroom. And all it takes is one statement piece to make the look.  You can never go wrong with a traditional chandelier, even in an ultra contemporary space. Don’t be afraid to play with color also.


Steal The Lighting Look Online - Eurofase Lighting 19395-012 Giselle, 24 -Light Chandelier, Chrome

Celestially inspired, the airy nature of the Giselle Chandelier is an elegant inception of ethereal beauty. The lithe arms create an uplifting illumination that sparkles with delicately cut crystals and brilliant lighting.



3. Traditional Lighting doesn’t have to be boring. Accent down lighting with recessed lights can be used for lighting furniture, bookcases, sculptures and plants. It is important to specify enough recessed light cans to gain balance in the space. If down lights are concentrated in the center of the room, the effect will be gloomy as outer walls will remain dark. Recessed down lights can be placed around the periphery of a room so light will reflect of the walls and make the room appear well lit and larger. 


Steal The Lighting Look Online - Itre Lighting Step Semi Decorative Recessed Spot Light

Introduced by ITRE, Mauro Marzollo designed the Step Semi Recessed Spot. It is patterned in a circular shape with four parts arranged in a stepped manner. The chunky glass diffuser is composed of poured glass in a crystal or satin white finish. This recessed structure constituted with Galvanized metal exhibits uniqueness in its design. Halogen lighting makes the diffuser shine even more brilliantly.



4.  Hidden Appeal. Cove lighting is a popular choice among minimalists and those more interested in creating a showpiece with only light, rather than objects. Cove lighting is s a form of indirect lighting built into ledges, recesses, valences in a ceiling or high on the walls of a room. It directs light up towards the ceiling and down adjacent walls. It can be used aesthetically or to highlight unusual architecture. 

cove lighting

Steal The Lighting Look Online - Westgate Mfg IF2LED 120V Two Wire Clear Tube LED Rope Light

Rope lights are designed for long life and efficiency, using less than 1 watt per square foot!

  • 150 foot per roll, sold by the roll
  • 35-105°C temperature resistance
  • Perfect for night time events, highlighting landscape elements, and many other decorative uses
  • Comes with 6″ AC DC power cord/adaptor, connector, end cap, 125 mounting clips, and 250 screws for design versatility



5. Experiment with curves. Adding one or two pieces in a a softer silhouette can actually enhance and enliven the rest of your scheme to keep it from looking dated and drab. The curve of the floor lamp’s neck also mimics the soft lines of the surrounding mid-century furniture yet updates the theme of the space.


Steal The Lighting Look Online -  Artemide 1054015A Castore 42 Floor Lamp

Floor standing luminaires for diffused incandescent or halogen lighting, diffuser in white handblown venetian glass with external etched finish


  • Stem upper section in steel tubing covered by a tapered sleeve in white translucent molded polycarbonate, allowing for partial soft diffusion of light from diffuser
  • Stem lower section in steel tubing with matte white powder coated finish
  • Touch dimmer activated by chrome steel ring positioned between upper and lower stem sections

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