Our 6 Best Tripod Floor Lamps

The 6 Best Tripod Lamps

By Clarissa Allison | January 27th, 2017

A tripod floor lamp may not seem like the first choice for homeowners who wish to maximize space. But with proper placement and keeping dimensions in mind, these lamps can add the right accent without being overbearing, even in the most meager of floor plans. Also, for those who desire more architectural elements to highlight in their home, tripod floor lamps make the perfect addition to your modern space. The mid-century design of these lamps gives them a lightness, while the three-pronged base lends weight and balance to the lamp. Discover our picks for what’s trending in tripod floor lamps and click the photos to be brought directly to the product page on www.louielighting.com.

One Light Chrome And Black Floor Lamp

One Light Chrome And Black Floor Lamp

This fun and vintage styled photographer’s lamp from Dimond Lighting features a foot switch and is also dimmable. The modern form is constructed of wood, zinc alloy and stainless steel which adds to its strength and durability.  It accepts a standard incandescent bulb up to 100W or a bulb with an E26 base and compatible wattage. Bring the nostalgia of classic Hollywood film into your home with this beautiful floor lamp.

TIP: Photographer’s lamps are all the rage. The key to making these work in a space is to introduce their timeless feel into your home to match the existing scale. If you have high or vaulted ceilings, purchase a taller version of the lamp to draw the eye up. These lamps are wonderful in offices, as well as geography-themed, mid-century and nautical spaces. 

Two Light Wood And Polished Chrome Floor Lamp

Two Light Wood And Polished Chrome Floor Lamp

This mod styled floor light from Trans Globe is designed with fully adjustable tripod legs made of eucalyptus wood, featuring chrome knobs.  The collapsible legs can extend from 43 to 62 inches. The shade is made of natural brown burlap with a highly reflective inner lining. Rustic pull chains make this lamp pair well with nautical décor and homes that crave an eclectic or traditionally modern appeal. This stunning floor lamp accepts two A19 E26 base 100W incandescent bulbs, or their compatible equivalent in retrofit LED.

TIP: These types of floor lamps are also known as “surveyor’s lamps”. Try purchasing a pair of them to frame the inside of a picture window and add symmetry to your space. Even if the rest of your living room is a bohemian explosion, having matching lamps with such striking profiles will bring cohesiveness to the room.

Directeur Metal Floor Lamp Dark Bronze

Directeur Metal Floor Lamp Dark Bronze

Another classic style, this floor lamp from Lite Source is from the Directeur collection and features a halogen light source. The lamp is well made and incredibly easy to assemble, while providing a high quality of light. Use this lamp as a spotlight in a dark corner or to highlight objects in your home that you wish to draw attention to. Its dark bronze finish complements a modern and streamlined decor as well as eclectic, masculine or minimalist styles.

STUDIO 72 Tripod Floor Lamp By: Venetia Studium Studio 1907

STUDIO 72 Tripod Floor Lamp

If you’re prepared to add some high-end drama,  the STUDIO 72 Floor Lamp with Caster Base by Venetia is the right choice. Hand crafter in Venice, Italy, this lamp is specially designed to excellently illuminate indirect and diffused light. The signature umbrella-like back structure includes support by an arched frame which rests on the tripod stand. The adjustable tripod stand sits on wheels for easy movement and are also removable. When lit, the aluminium shade resembles the glowing moon. The steel structure has 360 degree swivel and tilt capacity for ultimate control. The lamp is available in black or white shades, and you can even choose the inner shade lining in brilliant gold or white.

TIP: A scene-stealing lamp like this one works best in a large, open floor plan, and is particularly complimentary to an urban dweller.  This lamp can stand on its own, so its best to keep the surrounding area clean of any competing furniture in bright colors or busy patterns. When choosing the white shade, be sure that the lamp isn’t being washed out by white walls or window treatments behind it. 

Eglo USA Optica 86817A Frosted Floor Lamp

Eglo USA Optica 86817A Frosted Floor Lamp

A slim tripod base and shade of opal frosted glass make the Eglo USA Optica 86817A Frosted Floor Lamp a bold way to illuminate your modern space. This floor lamp is decidedly simplistic, yet bursts with creativity and personality. It accepts 2 A-19 60Watt bulbs or a compatible LED in the same base and wattage equivalent. Eglo blends Austrian traditions with cultural influences for a varied and creative product range you’ll be sure to love.

TIP: Tripod lamps are a perfect way to use up dead space without the heaviness of some traditional floor  lamps. They work especially well in areas that don’t see a lot of foot traffic, and are easy to clean around. They are also easy to transport to different spaces to see where they work best for you. The spider-y legs and implied triangles provide needed contrast to curvy and squat silhouettes so common in contemporary furniture today. 

Quadratic Floor Lamp By: Kenroy Home

Quadratic Floor Lamp

An extra leg never hurt! The Quadratic floor lamp by Kenroy Home has a striking contemporary presence with its four leg stance. A large, wide shallow drum shade and double pull-chain switches really sets this versatile lamp apart from the norm. The tan fabric drum style shade diffuses light beautifully, adding a warm and pleasing glow to your surroundings. It accepts 2 regular incandescent bulbs of up to 150 Watts maximum.

TIP: A simple lamp like the Quadratic is a great choice for a room displaying lots of rich textures and textiles. If your room features lots of plant life, accents like fur throws, bold art or distressed wood, you’ll need a lamp that blends into the background while still complementing the space and picking up on its richness. 

How do you incorporate tripod lamps into your home? We’d love to see your photos. Feel free to email them to info@louielighting.com.

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Our 6 Best Tripod Floor Lamps


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