Choosing The Right Floor Lamps For Your Home


By Clarissa Allison | November 4th, 2016

Without the correct lighting, no space is truly complete. Each room needs a combination of general lighting, task lighting and decorative lighting to set a pace and provide the right functionality. For this reason, table and floor lamps are especially important. A piece of furniture like a floor lamp can lead to the transformation your space needs and really make an impact. If you’ve been thinking about obtaining new floor lamps for your space but have been nervous to take the plunge, check out these rules-of-thumb to see how easy it is to add one of these lighting pieces into your own home—whatever the room’s size.

  •  A common oversight is  buying a lamp without first measuring the area it’s going in. Avoid buyer’s remorse and always measure first (with an actual tape measure – no eyeballing!) Measure the lamp’s height and circumference. Also consider weight —lighter is fine in less-traveled spots, heavier and more stable is better for areas with small children and high traffic.
  • Light three of the four corners,  and try focusing one of those lights on an object (art, a plant, a striking chair). Use a combination of table lamps and floor lamps, some with down-light and some with up-light. If you have an overhead fixture, put it on a dimmer switch.
Illuminate your favorite odjects d' art with a clean and modern floor lamp

Illuminate your favorite objects d’ art with a clean and modern floor lamp

  • Don’t oversize them all: Choose one individual lamp or one great pair of large lamps and add more lighting pieces to the space in unexpected and sparing fashion.
  • Play with pattern, shape, and color: Since a large lamp or pair of lamps can steal the spotlight in a space, take advantage of their eye-catching ability and go with lamps that feature an avant-garde style or whimsical pattern. A large lamp can be great for setting the scheme of your entire room.
Chrome Finish - Lite Source LS-82116MULTI Uni II 5-Light Floor Lamp

Chrome Finish – Lite Source LS-82116MULTI Uni II 5-Light Floor Lamp

  • Balance your new lamps with the rest of the décor: Choosing the right lighting is similar to picking just the right accessories for your wardrobe. It completes the projected persona of your room. If you choose an oversized lamp with bursts of color or pattern, keep the rest of the room’s decor on the minimal side. Or, if you’ve got an already ornately decorated space consider going with a more subdued, modern and lamp with clean lines. In a nutshell, for  a modern or contemporary look, think simple and streamlined when selecting lamps. Slim bases and drum-shaped shades can add height and drama to a space without overpowering the other decor.


Bronze Finish - Lite Source C61199 Rishelle Floor Lamp

Bronze Finish – Lite Source C61199 Rishelle Floor Lamp

  • Shades with a tapered shape tend to blend well with classic decor. Blending an antique ceramic lamp with colorful Indian textiles and tapestries  reveal a look that’s both worldly and classic. If you need to add color or texture to a room, a unique lampshade will add just the kick you are looking for. Look for a shade with a bold pattern, an interesting texture or flourishes like beads or tassels.
Kenroy Home 36123 Rowan 1 Light Floor Lamp Metallic Bronze

Kenroy Home 36123 Rowan 1 Light Floor Lamp Metallic Bronze

  • Use it in a niche: Small places like a reading nook, dining room corner or entry way are a natural spot for a big, oversized and bright lamp.
  • Don’t stick to just floor lamps: Buffet lamps and oversized pendant lights are another great way to tie a room together—keep in mind the same tips when shopping.
  • Consider the amount of light needed: Another important factor to consider when choosing a lamp shade is how much light you need the lamp to cast. Do you want to illuminate an entire room or provide light only for reading? If you need sufficient task lighting, a translucent shade is the best choice. However, if the lamp is strictly an accent piece, try an opaque shade for a dramatic look.

How have your incorporated floor lamps within your home? What tips or advice did you follow? If you have photographs of the finished decorating scheme, we’d love to see them. Email us at To view and purchase the fixtures featured on our weekly blog, visit the website HERE or call us toll free at  1-877-385-2104.



  1. Sonalika Gupta says

    Thanks for sharing these ideas..Its really very important how to decor living room with lighting.You should be very careful whenever you are choosing lighting for home.

  2. says

    There is a similarity between the height of a floor lamp, and an end table with a lamp on it. Floor lamps, measured from bottom of base, to top of finial, if they have one, are usually 58 to 64 inches high. Thank you so much for writing

  3. says

    Great tips! I found that many people buy a floor lamp only to find out later they're too short and the shade if any is at the same eye level, which is not pleasant for the eyes at all. Measuring the space, the lamp, and considering your own height is a must!

  4. says

    What I liked the most was when you said that choosing the right lamp was the same as choosing the right accessories for my dress, I have to be careful because it will complete the persona of my style. That's a good thing to take note of because I have been planning to buy a floor lamp for my living room, but I just can't decide what style I want. At least, now that I have a basis, I can narrow down my search. Thanks a lot!

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