Choosing The Right Solar Lights

Choose The Right Solar Lights

By Clarissa Allison | September 30th, 2016

Now that it’s Autumn and our days are becoming increasingly shorter, you may be thinking about how you can upgrade your garden and landscape areas with the least amount of hassle possible. One challenge with line-voltage landscape lights is that they can be pricey and  - unless you know what you’re doing - also require a licensed electrician for installation.

Solar-powered lights are gaining popularity with homeowners because they are affordable, economical, present an easy DIY project and can be relocated easily. Advances in technology mean that these lights are also far brighter and last much longer than their counterparts of old.  Many solar lights contain super-bright LEDs  (Light-emitting diodes) which illuminate beautifully without generating excessive heat like traditional bulbs, and as such need far less electricity to operate. These dependable fixtures are maintenance free, aesthetically pleasing and enjoy a long life. Below, we’ve highlighted a few different types of solar lighting fixtures that you can use to enhance your outdoors. Click the pictures to purchase directly at

Shop for Solar Garden Lights

When shopping for solar lights, it’s important to think about what you need it to do. Here, we’ll highlight some of the most popular types of solar lighting for use in a landscape setting.

Solar Garden Accent Lighting

Accent lights are there to add a lovely glow to your landscape. Due to their low levels of illumination, they are designed to highlight or mark a specific place to add ambiance rather than illuminate an area.  LED lanterns are a popular choice for those who don’t want the potential hazard of a lantern containing an open flame, while still adding the functionality and beauty needed for intimate outdoor gatherings.

Coil Solar Lantern By: Kenroy Home

Coil Solar Lantern
By: Kenroy Home

As soon as you turn on the solar light disc of the Coil Solar Lantern by Kenroy Home, you’ll be treated to an amazing light cast pattern. Beyond nighttime entertaining, this lantern would make a wonderful camping accessory. It is lightweight enough to hang in a tree, durable, and reliable enough to last the entire night on a single solar charge.

Waterproof Ball Color Changing LED Light By: Main Access

Waterproof Ball Color Changing LED Light
By: Main Access

The virtually indestructible, waterproof LED Color Changing Lights by Main Access float on water! With 24 color options and several light display settings, they are rechargeable and require no batteries. Simply charge them up on the included charging base with power cord for a few hours and enjoy the illumination for approximately 8 to 10 hours. They are perfect for use as accent patio lighting! The Ra Solar Charger can be purchased to plug into the charging base so the lights never have to come inside.

Solar Path Lights

Solar path lights are meant to guide the way on paths, stairs, or a dark walkway. Available in many styles, you can find small solar path lights to mark out the edge of a driveway, or tall solar lamp posts in Victorian or East Asian designs to light a larger area.  Path lights may also have manual on-off switches but many solar path lights have built in solar panels and automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn. These lights can shine up to 12 hours straight on a full charge.

Pagoda Solar Outdoor LED Post Light Black By: Gama Sonic

Pagoda Solar Outdoor LED Post Light Black
By: Gama Sonic

The Gama Sonic GS-104D Pagoda solar lamp post and double-lantern solar light fixture is the perfect energy and money-saving replacement for outdated electric or gas-powered outdoor lighting, and its design–inspired by the architecture of Eastern Asia–will add style and distinction wherever it’s installed.

Solar Spotlights

Task lights and spotlights are the brightest solar lights available today, perfect for illuminating trees, shrubs, signs, flags, or any entryways.  Quality solar lights are constructed out of hearty materials like cast aluminum for durability in different weather conditions. Some even come with a detachable solar panel that can be placed in a different area of your landscape to allow for maximum sun exposure. Spotlights are designed to be mounted at your discretion and in any direction you prefer.

Progressive Solar Spot Light - Warm White LED By: Gama Sonic

Progressive Solar Spot Light – Warm White LED
By: Gama Sonic

The Progressive Solar Spot Light is a perfect way to illuminate your landscape setting. Constructed from durable cast aluminum, it has a light output of 30-watts. The lens can be adjusted for a wide or narrow coverage area. The solar panel includes a 6 ft. cord so you may place the light under a tree or bush and run the solar panel to an area that will get more sunlight to charge. The patented technology allows for a brighter light then most solar spot lights on the market today.

Solar Lighting FAQs:

Where should I place my outdoor solar lights?
When possible, place your solar light in direct sunlight to receive a maximum charge during daylight hours. At night, be sure the beam isn’t directed at another light source, and that it is illuminating the areas needed, such as steps, a pathway, or driveway.

How many hours will a solar light fixture run?
Depending on the light fixture, solar lights can last anywhere from 8 – 12 hours on a full charge.

What are some advantages of solar lighting?
Solar lights are very easy to install, requiring no hard wiring or electrical know-how. Without the worry of a power source location, you can set up outdoor solar lights just about anywhere. Solar outdoor lights are eco-friendly as they run on sustainable energy, and they cost nothing to run, requiring no electricity.

How do I charge my outdoor solar light’s battery?
The batteries within outdoor solar lights charge via sunlight using its solar panel. The instructional packet that arrives with your new light will let you know how long it takes before the fixture is initially charged to 100%.

Thanks for reading this week’s blog. Please visit us next week for more lighting tips. The Louie Lighting Team wishes you and yours a safe and happy weekend.


Choosing The Right Solar Lights

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