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Basics of Closet Lighting

By Clarissa Allison | July 15th, 2016

For many homeowners and renters alike, maximizing the space of closet areas can be challenging, whether you have a large dressing area or a tight space with a few shelves. However, both scenarios require new lighting sources to make them functional.  If you’re currently grappling with a newly remodeled closet or just want to find out how to light your existing storage area, read on!

Lighten Up

If you’re able to enlist the services of a closet designer or are handy yourself, the battle of light is half won as you may already have spaces that possess lots of natural light. For the majority of us DIY’ers, the goal is to enhance our existing wardrobes and storage areas. If your closet isn’t near a window or does not contain one, the first goal is to increase visibility overall. A dark closet will appear small and unwelcoming, and you will not be able to locate items easily. Start with overhead lighting and think about your goals for the feel of your space. If you want to achieve an elegant dressing area, why not splurge on a gorgeous mini chandelier? For a more utilitarian closet, overhead recessed lighting is a perfect choice. Select items with energy efficient light sources such as LED or CFL (Compact fluorescent) bulbs and get the most bang for your buck.

The Malia 3 Light Chandelier by Feiss contains stunning Crystal accents that bring added beauty to your home. This beautiful fixture will send illumination upwards while also providing ambient illumination for the entire room. Its E12 candelabra base is compatible with many bulb options such as LED, Halogen, Fluorescent, and more. Placed over a chaise in your closet, this chandelier is sure to add glamour to your wardrobe.


Free Up Some Space

De-cluttering works wonders for not only a visibly pleasing aesthetic, but it also welcomes more light. Don’t be afraid to donate those ill-fitting jeans or dated blouses. Having less clothing on shelves and more hung upon storage bars, hooks and placed in fabric storage containers lets light spread to all corners of the room.

Use Low Profile Lighting

Many closets today utilize closet organization systems. These are perfect for traditional under-cabinet, puck, or strip lighting.  These type of lights are hidden sources that exhibit warm task lighting and are also used in kitchens and to enhance architecture. They not only give closets a grander, upscale feel but can directly enhance specific areas in a closet from jewelry or accouterments, to footwear and handbags. Click here to see our wide selection of strip and cove lighting.


Reflect With a Mirror

Mirrors are superstar multi-taskers when it comes to home decor. We can use them for daily grooming essentials, of course. But we can also place them in a room to make the space appear larger. They add sophistication to any room, and they are great at reflecting light. Lighted mirrors, like the Jesco Lighting BLML-202-30 Mabel LED Back-Lit Mirror are a popular option for those who value a minimalist approach to decor, and are wall or floor-mounted by their back plate and mounting brackets. They are hard-wired to standard electrical junction boxes. These mirrors are available in CFL (fluorescent) light sources and some even have LED options. Whether you choose a backlit floor mirror, a built in option or a large wall mirror, the multitude of designs, finishes and styles are endless.


Install Track Lighting 

Track lighting with adjustable heads are a great alternative to installing strip lighting as you are able to directly illuminate textiles and other objects of your choosing from overhead. Definitely use bulbs with a crisp white glow to  make the most of your track lighting, and opt for LED or CFL  light sources as these give off little to no heat. If you feel a bit intimidated by the ins and outs of track lighting and which components you’ll need, not to worry! We offer a host of track lighting kits that contain everything you’ll need for smooth installation in one box. The Sayre 3 Light Fixed Rail Track Lighting Kit by Kichler Lighting is a perfect way to illuminate your closet as it’s track heads rotate 90 degrees vertically and 330 degrees horizontally. It features a GU10 base which can accept retrofit LED bulbs with the same base. You’ll find that our track lighting kits are not only manufactured by the best industry brands, but are also very economical.


We hope that using these lighting tips for your closet or storage space helps bring your next design project to life. For more design inspiration, follow our new Closet & Vanity Lighting board on Pinterest.

If you’d like to be featured on the next blog, don’t hesitate to contact us with pictures of your completed project! The Louie Lighting Team wishes you and yours a safe and happy weekend.








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