Cool Lighting Design Tricks

Cool Lighting Design Tricks

By Clarissa Allison | October 21, 2016

“We cannot hold a torch to light another’s path without brightening our own – Ben Sweetland”

Architects and designers balance three important types of light to achieve the desired effect for a space: task, ambient and accent lighting. Most inventive lighting concepts use a combination of all three. By layering these types of lighting in differing proportions, professional results are achieved. Now more inventive lighting arrangements are coming to the forefront to lend an air of personality and magic to homes and commercial applications. Read on for ideas on how you can implement some of these ideas into your own project.

Hidden Light – Hidden lights instead of, or in addition to, sconces, can add a general glow that bounces off the wall and into the room in an even subtler and more diffused way. Cove lights are built into niches that hide the light source (often a plain LED strip), but hidden lights can also be obscured by medicine cabinets, shelving or storage units. Not being able to determine where the light source originates from at first glance is a very powerful lighting trick used often in home applications.

Cool Lighting Design Tricks

Random Placement - Uniform lighting on a grid is a common approach and makes good sense when even light levels are important to framing the living space. This fun approach awes and inspires the viewer, making a bold statement about the home. Hanging the pendants at different heights carries the eye among the unique architecture. Small pools of light in a random pattern encourages circulation and gathering.

Be bold - Groupings of multiple fixtures always look great. Using a large number of the same type of fixture anchors spaces by defining an overhead plane and also act as a stopping point for the eye. Create an implied space by illuminating one particular space above the horizontal plane. This works especially well in a room with sparse or minimal decor and furnishings.

Kichler Lighting 42877 Brinley 6LT Pendant Brushed Nickel with Clear Glass Shades By: Kichler Lighting

Kichler Lighting 42877 Brinley 6LT Pendant Brushed Nickel with Clear Glass Shades
By: Kichler Lighting

Living Daylights –  Unless you’re planning on a major remodel you may be limited in your ability to increase the lighting in your room. But there are more lighting tricks you can make to maximize the amount of natural daylight within your home.
  •  Mirrors. Place a mirror on a wall adjacent to a window or opposite a window. When placed adjacent, the mirror will trick the eye into seeing more windows in the wall than there really are. When placed opposite, the mirror will reflect light and views from the window.
  • Reflective surfaces like a painted glass back-splash can bounce light and give the impression of more light when actual windows are at a limit.
  •  Stop Shutting Out Light.  Opt for diaphanous shades which provide privacy while still allowing light to penetrate the space. This will  bounce light into the wall directly adjacent to the shaded window.
  •  Lighten the ceiling. If you have dark walls, go with a slightly lighter color on the ceiling. Try not to use white if the rest of the room has very rich colors. Matte paint is a good choice for reflecting light.
  •  Shine On. Keeping fixtures, bulbs, and windows clean will let the light you do have shine at its brightest!

Cool Lighting Design Tricks

Look to the futureThe Castore Table Lamp provides diffused lighting with a white hand blown glass diffuser with an external etched finish and a stem in steel covered by white translucent molded polycarbonate, which allows for soft diffusion of light. This space-aged lamp  also features a die cast metal alloy base in a white powder coated finish, as well as a touch dimmer in chrome that is incorporated into the base. The Castore Table Lamp comes in four sizes, with halogen or incandescent lamping options.
Castore Table Lamp By: Artemide Lighting

Castore Table Lamp
By: Artemide Lighting

Light the night. Beautiful night lighting is one of the most obvious and often most neglected property enhancement services that fits all of the important criteria – aesthetics, security, safety and extended use. When the budget for interior lighting is the main focus , it’s hard to think about the exterior and landscape lighting. But outdoor lighting is especially important for security and safety when your home has living areas with large windows. Lighting recessed into overhead soffits and dormers can be pointedly focused on the ground, which will help to to deaden the black-hole effect. It will also expand your perception of space outward.
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Cool Lighting Design Tricks

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