When Lights Go Green – Eco Friendly Lighting

The idea of creating something new from a disused item, “reclaiming” or “upcycling” forces us to look at our surroundings with new, environmentally conscious eyes. Below are five examples of innovative and elegant lighting designs that prove that there are no limits to what the mind can create!

1. Winner of the Bright Ideas 2011 Lighting Design Competition , designer and architecht Ed Chew’s Tetra Pak Lamp is a stunning example of simplicity and beauty. The lamp is made by cutting empty drink boxes into strips and then folding them hexagonal and pentagonal shapes. No adhesive or glue is needed to secure the pieces, an inspiration from Origami. Chew has over 13 years of project leadership and design experience, and one area of particular interest is upcycled architecture.  A continuation of the Tetra Pak design is the Core lamp, which includes reclaimed coconut shells! Learn more about Chew’s work HERE on his website.




2.  For the world traveler, a vintage Earth globe pendant light is just the ticket and it is super-easy to create with only a few materials. From upcyclethat.com:


  • upcycled globe
  • pendant light kit (pendant light with cord)
  • paint and brush
  • exacto knife
  • light bulb

To make:

  1. Choose where you want to cut. The easiest would be along a latitude line such as the equator. Cut along this line with your exacto knife.
  2. Measure and cut the hole for where the pendant light will be inserted. This can be done by holding the pendant light socket to the top of the globe and tracing around it to mark the spot. Now cut around the spot you have marked. Some globes have a metal rings here so be careful removing this.
  3. Paint or decoupage the inside of your globe for an interesting effect.
  4. Install your light cord and hang your new globe pendant lamp.


3.  JessicaFoundIt is a workshop concerned with decreasing waste and increasing the reuse of objects that have fallen out of value.  Her objects often include romantic and antique items such as discarded musical instruments turned into lamps and candlesticks, as well as scrap metal from vehicles, plumbing fittings and copper. Below is a lovely example from her company of how beautiful reclaimed items can become with a little imagination.


4. This “Indication Chandelier by Japanese designer Daisuke Hirawa is created from pierced plastic spoons. The piercings give the lamp and ethereal look as the light filters through, and the interesting texture  is soft and floral. He is known for transforming everyday objects into striking examples of found design, and we were particularly impressed. As seen on Squish Designs.


5.  What happens to a bicycle chain that gets broken? Those old bike parts usually get scrapped and discarded, forever to rust in obscurity. But what if they could achieve immortality as a dazzling chandelier? The amazing projects of Carolina Fontoura – chandeliers and lamps made of bicycle chains – promise just that.




We hope we’ve given you a few ideas to help jumpstart your new home-made lighting project. For information on more eco-friendly lighting options and bulbs, please call us at 1-877-385-2104 or email customerservice@louielighting.com.  A safe and Happy Labor Day to all from your friendly Team at Louie Lighting !


bike chain

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