Festive Fall Lighting Ideas

Festive Fall Lighting Ideas

Step into autumn with rich hues, golden tones and nature inspired lighting options.

By Clarissa Allison | October 16th, 2015

Many of us get excited to decorate for Halloween and Thanksgiving, but why should our homes miss out on the sheer delight and beauty of Fall colors for the rest of the season? If you love pumpkins, the warmth of gold and rust tones and ever-changing leaves, consider decorating with autumn-themed accessories this season. Some Halloween decor like brooms, scarecrows, and orange lights represent fall itself and can be extended beyond October decorations. If you’re looking for an understated alternative to ghostly props and frightful window clings, try dazzling your home and your guests with the following fall lighting ideas this year.

String Lights

String lights are versatile and can be used year round, indoors and outdoors. These lights are inexpensive, fun, and statement making.  You can use string lights to decorate for almost any occasion, including holidays as different as Halloween and Christmas. The important element here is the color of the lights you choose. Match the autumn leaves with golden, earth-toned, or orange string lights, and you can celebrate with lovely fall colors into the night.

Bulbrite STRING15/E26 Outdoor String Light, 48-Feet, 15 Light Sockets

Bulbrite STRING15/E26 Outdoor String Light, 48-Feet, 15 Light Sockets

Rope and LED strip lights

Along similar lines is the option of rope and LED strip lighting. Yellow LED lights in particular are a great option because they can be left up year-round without putting a dent in your electricity bill.

LED strip lights or ribbon lights are easy to install, even for the non-professional.  Many of them have multiple light output settings as well as “peel-and-stick” 3M adhesive backing. These lights make DIY installation of under cabinet and cove lighting, accent lighting, and mood lighting simple and quick.

LED tape light is also safe for installation indoors and outdoors. Low voltage light options minimize the risk of electrical and safety hazards that are a concern with line voltage outdoor lighting. These lights look great under eaves, on gazebos and decks, or lining walkways.  Needless to say, these lights are ideal for most accent lighting applications!

Outdoor Lanterns

The elegance of an old world lantern will conjure thoughts of castles and cobblestone European streets. Their timeless appeal is perfect for fall.

Lanterns are an easy way to add inexpensive charm to your space. Although candles are the more traditional option, lanterns are safer, durable and versatile. Lanterns can be used as wall sconces, post toppers in the garden, or as an option to help illuminate pathways and steps.

Kichler Lighting 9359LD Tournai 4 Light Outdoor Wall Mount Londonderry

Kichler Lighting 9359LD Tournai 4 Light Outdoor Wall Mount Londonderry

Decorative Lamps

Traditional table lamps don’t have to be boring or beige. There is an endless array of stylish, themed, elegant and fun designs to select from. Select lamps in rich finishes like gold leaf or in shapes that mimic nature. Make your lamps a conversational piece for guests and add flair to your ambiance.


Dimond-Lighting Transitional-Driftwood 1 Light Table Lamp 91-840

Nostalgic Bulbs

Antique lamps are the light source of choice for many restaurants, hotels and even homes. As dim orange light emanates from these lamps naturally, they are an ideal choice for fall lighting décor. Not only will they help you bring the warm glow of autumn into your living space, their beautiful winding filaments are statement making. Vintage lamps can be purchased in many shapes and sizes. There are even large pendants that mimic nostalgic Edison bulbs and are wonderful as functional art.

LBL Lighting 512 Isla Line Voltage 120V Pendant

LBL Lighting 512 Isla Line Voltage 120V Pendant

How do you represent autumn in your home? Tell us in the comments or reach out to us on FacebookTwitterGoogle PlusLinkedIn, or Pinterest!  The Louie Lighting Team wishes you and yours a safe and happy weekend.

Festive Fall Lighting Ideas


  1. Joy Butler says

    I totally agree that string lights are the most versatile and can be used to decorate for a variety of events and occasions. I currently work at a wedding venue and on our outdoor patios there are elegant string lights that remain lit year round. They are a guest favorite because they bring to live every single event that we host at the venue.

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