Make An Entrance With Foyer Lighting

Make An Entrance With Foyer Lighting

By Clarissa Allison | August 19th, 2016

Everyone knows that first impressions make a big impact, and when friends, family, or prospective home buyers come to your abode, your foyer is responsible for the snapshot image of what to expect from the interior. This makes foyer lighting an integral factor in the overall outlook visitors will have of your home.

Lighting this area of the home should be done carefully, but it doesn’t have to be difficult! In fact, foyer lighting is easy and fun if you review your options and understand some basic lighting principles. Below, we give tips on lighting different entryway styles with your own personal flourish and suggest some quality lighting fixtures for the job:

That Manhattan Look

If your foyer is timeless and streamlined with only the best furnishings, wallpaper and window treatments, a classic chandelier is the way to go.  The dimensions of the are you have to work with plays  a big part in the size of your chandelier, but the vibe in the rest of the home should play an equally significant role in the style of chandelier you choose. See The Kichler Lighting 1897 Eileen 9 Light Chandelier Brushed Nickel Finish below:

Kichler Lighting 1897 Eileen 9 Light Chandelier Brushed Nickel Finish


A Vibrant Entryway

A cheerfully bright, mood-boosting hue is a great way to light up a small or dark entryway. Try painting the door or one wall an unexpected color like yellow, lime green or aqua.  A unique and contemporary white pendant with hand-blown glass will work well in a space like this. See the Castore Suspension Light by Artemide below:

Artemide Castore 42 Suspended Pendant

Sophisticated Romance

If your living area contains crisp white linen, flowers, creeping plants or a candelabra, why not continue this them into your home’s entryway? Give your foyer a civilized and clean effect by choosing a statement making piece in a delicate design. See the Bromi Design BCP1113-10 Crystalline 10 Lt Crystal Chandelier Chrome below:

Bromi Design BCP1113-10 Crystalline 10 Lt Crystal Chandelier Chrome

A Rustic Entryway

Hooked rugs, dark and unfinished woods, and metal accents – what’s not to love about this un-fussy approach to home decor? The trick is to Mix rustic furniture with refined lighting. Well-worn wooden tables, benches and chairs can take a beating and still look great, making them ideal for a casual chic home (where you want to enjoy your life, not worry about damaging your furniture) — but that doesn’t mean you must forgo glamour altogether. See the UltraLights 9707 Luminosos Pendant below:
UltraLights 9707 Luminosos Pendant

A Neutral Entrance

Neutral doesn’t have to mean “boring.”  Try painting the walls in the entryway with silver radiator paint, adding stripes in a gray-tinted glaze. Finish the look with an oversize pendant that complements rather than clashes with your minimalist approach. See the Kenroy Home 91640 Margot 3 Light Large Pendant below:
Kenroy Home 91640 Margot 3 Light Large Pendant

A Neoclassical Foyer

If your home boasts high columns and a symmetrical design, almost resembling a public building, then the beautiful and Tuscan feel of your home can benefit from a lighting fixture featuring art-deco lines and artisanal touches. See the Two Light Corinthian Bronze Scalloped Champagne Scavo Glass Bowl Semi-Flush Mount below:
Murray Feiss SF177CB Tuscan Villa 2 Light Indoor Semi Flush Mount Corinthian Bronze

An Eclectic Entryway

If your entrance hall contains whimsical additions like vintage wallpaper featuring insects or birds, animal print accents, exposed brick or gold leaf art objects, then you will gravitate to a lighting design out of the ordinary. The idea is to choose pieces that tell a story and add a personal flair to your space. See the LBL Lighting 573 Mason Classic Line Voltage 120V Pendant below:

LBL Lighting 573 Mason Classic Line Voltage 120V Pendant

Final Tips

To determine the right width of the light fixture: Add the length and width dimensions (in feet) of the foyer area together. That number – in inches – is the width of the light fixture you should look for. So, if your foyer is ten feet by ten feet, you’ll want a light fixture that is about 20 inches wide.

To determine the right height of the light fixture: Position the light fixture so that the bottom is at least seven feet from the floor. If you have a window above your front door in the foyer, you can really heighten the effect of a beautiful chandelier. Center the chandelier in the window. Even from the outside, your home will look brilliant!

Depending on how large your foyer is, you may want to look for a flush mount ceiling light, a semi-flush mount light, or a chandelier with two or three tiers.

Very large entryways might call for wall sconces in addition to a ceiling light fixture. Hang them about 66 inches from the floor and place them about eight feet apart.

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Make An Entrance With Foyer Lighting


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