Future Flood Lights by RAB Lighting

RAB Lighting FFLED39- Future Flood 39W Led

RAB Lighting FFLED39- Future Flood 39W Led

By Clarissa Allison | January 30th, 2015

RAB Lighting’s rectangular shaped LED Future Flood lights are designed to replace Metal Halide lights. The patent pending airflow technology ensures a long LED and driver lifespan. These fixtures are used for building facade lighting, sign lighting, LED landscape lighting and instant-on security lighting.  Following are the specs on the FFLED39 fixture.

LED Info Watts: 39

Color Temp: 5100k

Color Accuracy: 68 L70

Lifespan: 50,000 LM79

Lumens: 2,991

Efficacy: 66 LPW

Driver Info Type: Constant Current 120V: 0.4 A 208V: 0.25 A 240V: 0.22 A 277V: 0.19 A

5 Year Warranty

This cutting edge fixture comes complete with three multi-chip, 13Watt high performance LEDs.  It contains superior heat sinking ability with external Air-Flow fins. In electronic systems, a heat sink is a passive heat exchanger that cools a device by dissipating heat into the surrounding medium. It has high-temperature silicone gaskets, and a chip and fade resistant powder coat finish.

Your light will also have a heavy-duty mounting arm with an O ring seal and a stainless steel screw to aid in easy installation. The fixture is suitable for mounting within 1.2M(4FT) of the ground.  Its UL Lighting also makes it suitable for wet locations.



RAB Lighting FF150W- Future Flood Light 150W HPS 120V

RAB Lighting FF150W- Future Flood Light 150W HPS 120V  comes with a Integra Hood Glare Shield for Friendly Lighting when properly aimed

RAB LED products exceed industry standards for chromatic stability. RAB’s range of CCT (Correlated Color Temperature) follows the guidelines of the American National Standard for (SSL) Products, ANSI C78.377-2008. RAB LED luminaires have been tested by an independent laboratory and have received the Department of Energy Lighting Facts label.   The FFLED39 complies with California Title 24 building and electrical codes.

View the whole line of RAB Lighting flood lights HERE.  If you have any questions on security or commercial lighting, please contact us at info@louielighting.com or call us toll free at 1877 385 2104.  Louie Lighting wishes you and yours a safe and happy weekend.




  1. Christina says

    I always use RAB products for outdoor installs. The illumination and quality of the fixtures is the best. Also, the items usually ship really fast.

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