Video Blog: Installing An Entryway Light

Video Blog: Installing An Entryway Light

Entryway lighting can make your home’s unique architecture pop, increase security, and welcome your guests with a warm glow.

By Clarissa Allison | October 23rd, 2015

On today’s blog, we highlight a project you can do yourself – installing an outdoor entryway light.

Entry lighting is an essential addition to any home. Exterior entry lighting should enhance your home’s architecture, increase security and visibility by illuminating vital areas, and improve safety by acting as a guide.

However, with so many lighting options, terms and price points, it can be overwhelming to select just the right entryway light fixture for your home.

Begin by determining what type of fixture suits your surroundings. There are wall-mount, ceiling-mount, or, or even outdoor pendants that are wonderful outdoor options.  Your entryway light fixture should follow a few basic guidelines. It should cast an expansive pool of light, minimize shadows, and emit and warm and welcoming glow. Watch the great video below by the veterans of This Old House for an explanation of the proper way to install your new entry lighting fixture.

Entry Lighting Tips

About 6 hours to run cable, install fixture and a switch

Voltage tester, drill, 1/4-inch bit, jigsaw, fish tape, drywall saw, screwdriver, strippers, long-nose pliers, lineman’s pliers

Locating studs; cutting into siding; stripping, splicing, and connecting wires to terminals; installing boxes; running cable into boxes

Fixture(s), outdoor box(es), two-wire cable, interior switch box, switch, electrician’s tape, caulk, wire nuts, bent coat hanger

Hunza Pillar Pagoda Lite PILPGL Hunza Pillar Pagoda Lite PILPGL

Hunza Pillar Pagoda Lite PILPGL

Deciphering UL Ratings

Light fixtures sold in the U.S. should have a Underwriters Laboratories (UL) rating on the label that indicates what kind of location they can be used in. Dry-rated lights cannot be subjected to excessive moisture and should not be hung outdoors. Make sure you understand the difference between damp vs. wet-rated entryway light fixtures, as they are not the same thing.  The main difference between the two is in the construction of the fixture. UL-rated fixtures for damp and wet locations use different combinations of  protective gaskets, drains and even seals that prevent water from accumulating on electrical parts. Select the right fixture rating based on the level of exposure to moisture, rain and snow.

Tell us about your latest lighting installation project in the comments! Please contact Louie Lighting with any questions on the right fixture for your entryway. Call us toll free at 1-877-385-2104 Monday through Friday 8am – 5pm Arizona Time,  or email We wish you a safe and happy weekend full of light.

Video Blog: Installing An Entryway Light


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