Light Fixtures For New Farmhouse Style

New Farmhouse Lighting Design

New Farmhouse Lighting Design

By Clarissa Allison | January 13th, 2017

Homeowners have always wanted to bring another time to life. Many of us want our homes to feel like a peaceful getaway echoing a country retreat, or to act as a transport to a different (note: picturesque) period of time. Unlike many design trends, the New Farmhouse style marries both of these desires and blends them smoothly. New Farmhouse doesn’t boast the same masculinity as straightforward Neo-Industrial nor is it a predictably dated Shabby Chic look, although some elements can cross-over. Finding the right items to achieve this scheme can be confusing, so we’ve compiled a few recommendations for the ideal lighting fixtures to complement your new design project.

The Kitchen

New Farmhouse design reveals a rich and and textured baseline in kitchens. This year, we are seeing homes with dark painted cabinetry in blacks, Russian blue, and deep forest greens. The popularity of the white subway tile is still evident, but people are opting for different textures like marble or white Quartzite on their countertops. To add even more warmth, wood flooring in kitchens is gaining massive popularity, and a new, economical option is the use of wood tile. In a design scheme such as this, contemporary lighting fixtures that appear strong and functional are popular, and brass hardware is ideal.

Deep colors in kitchens are part of the New Farmhouse Style

Deep colors in kitchens are part of the New Farmhouse Style



The Dining Room

The elegance of black  and white is timeless and can be attributed to many different eras of home design. In New Farmhouse projects, black can be used more extensively than normal, such as painting an entire floor or countertop. (Espresso or oiled bronze is a good alternative for those who don’t wish to commit to the dark side completely.) Juxtaposed against cream painted shiplap (a rough-sawn pine paneling often used in barns and historic homes) and dark neo-industrial accents like the pendants shown below, this style also introduces woods when it can, such as a traditional or even mid-century dining room table, often surrounded by modern chairs.


blackcream1 (1)

blackcream (1)


The Living Room & Bedroom

These are two rooms in which the influence of New Farmhouse decor can take on a wonderfully romantic feel. New Farmhouse design often relies on a light/dark contrast, with lots of texture. Look for dark ceiling beams, wood floors and accents mixed with cream colored contemporary furniture. Candle chandeliers in black or oil rubbed bronze are an easy way to introduce the appeal of a rustic Spanish farm. Install coordinating wall sconces for accent lighting. Table lamps with natural linen shades and floor lamps of brass are staples of the look.

walnut (1)

bedroom (1)

 The Bathroom

Of all the spaces in the home, black and white is the most striking in a bathroom. Subway tile is traditionally used in bathrooms, and looks great with black accents. Industrial pendants or vintage-look ceiling lights complement the style completely. New Farmhouse bathroom decor also features handmade details like written signs, home-made holders for toiletries as well as more wooden tile.



Thanks for reading this week’s blog. If you have any questions about which fixtures to choose for your next design project, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1877 385 2104.




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