Why You Need The Amazingly Versatile Tiella Lighting 5 Head Cable Kit

Shown: The Tiella Lighting 5 Head Cable Kit in Matte Nickel, Installed

Shown: The Tiella Lighting 5 Head Cable Kit in Matte Nickel, Installed

By Clarissa Allison | June 26th, 2015

We as consumers must always make certain of at least three important factors before purchasing any item: Quality, Appearance and Affordability. Skimping on one for the sake of another can cause issues down the road, but rest assured, it IS still possible to strike gold and find a product that meets all of this criteria!

That’s why we are happy to present the Tiella Lighting 5 Head Cable Kit in this week’s blog.  This popular and attractive cable lighting fixture comes in a matte nickel finish, and includes everything you need in one box. It is also super easy to install and looks great in any room of your home or business. Watch the helpful video below for details on what is included in the kit, installation pointers, and information on the rising popularity of cable lighting.

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  1. Jen B. says

    This lighting is very interesting. A great industrial look. I just started designing some lighting and I am always looking around at what else is out there. I will definitely send some people your way. Cheers!

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