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By Clarissa Allison | May 15th, 2015

When you prepare for a new baby, it’s easy to become too preoccupied in making the nursery aesthetically pleasing. As you get to know what your little one needs to be the healthiest and happiest he can be and establish your daily routine together, paint colors and matching crib linens will pale in comparison to practicality and function.

With late-night nursing, early-morning soothing and many sleepless nights for Mom and Dad, it’s important to create a space of peace and serenity. The nursery should be a comfortable place for your baby to sleep while still having enough light to allow you to safely navigate the room.

It may not appear to be a top consideration at first thought, but the lighting plan for your baby’s nursery can actually have a big effect on the quality and pattern of your baby’s sleep schedule, overall health and happiness.  Every baby is different, so read on to consider how the information below can work for your child’s needs.

The Dimming of The Day

The dimmer switch is a boon for parents. It lets you to gently turn down the lights before putting baby to bed in order to create a mood more conducive to sleep. It also allows you to stealthily pop in during those nighttime check-ups without disturbing baby. Consider whether the dimmer switch is easy to see and to operate, as you don’t want to fumble around for the switch at inopportune moments.


Lutron S-600PNL Skylark Preset Dimmer with Night Light. Uses Standard Single-Pole Wiring for Easy Installation in Any Home

Lutron S-600PNL Skylark Preset Dimmer with Night Light. Uses Standard Single-Pole Wiring for Easy Installation in Any Home

Tip: If you are having several recessed lights installed, consider having several switches so that the lights can be operated independently

Nifty Night Lights

As your child grows, a nightlight may prove to be a necessity if they develop a fear of the dark.

Because this is a common occurrence, providing a nightlight from the very first night baby is welcomed home, will help to alleviate some of his anxiety. A nightlight is also something that can help him to self-soothe easier in the middle of the night when he can look around and see familiar surroundings.  If you do use a nightlight, be sure to locate it well away from any flammable materials.

A Heavenly Glow

Overhead fixtures are the most common light source for nurseries since the fixture itself is well out of the baby’s reach. Choose a fixture style with a shade that softens the light; babies spend a lot of time staring at the ceiling, you will want to avoid harsh lights on young eyes. Some designs even have glow-in-the-dark designs that linger long after lights-out, giving the baby something to gaze at.

Keep in mind that you are able to find many adult contemporary lighting fixtures with a whimsical feel as well as those designed specifically for children’s rooms. Branch out from the kid’s department and add the influence of your home’s particular style.

Modernica CRISS-CROSS-BALL-LAMP George Nelson Criss-Cross Ball Bubble Pendant  White Shade

CRISS-CROSS-BALL-LAMP George Nelson Criss-Cross Ball Bubble Pendant
White Shade 

Nurseries have become much more chic, and it is not unusual to see a beautiful chandelier in the stylish nurseries of today.

Malia 3 Light Mini Chandelier Polished Nickel

Malia 3 Light Mini Chandelier Polished Nickel

Wonderful Wall Sconces

Sconces and wall fixtures provide localized, ambient lighting. They are not able to be knocked over like table lamps and ideally, do not have exposed and hanging cords, but chances are they can be reached by a resolute toddler, so it is smart to install LED fixtures whenever possible.


Adorable Accent Lamps

Table lamps come in a large variety of nursery-friendly styles; many are designed to match bedding sets or have childlike or storybook themes. Some are made of ceramic, others of painted wood, and still others feature the lamp base or  a quirky shade as the decorative centerpiece. Since nursery lamps can be dangerous, it is ideal to make sure they sit out of reach on a table or other area that blocks the wall outlet; gather excess cord into a cord winder. For extra safety, consider screwing the lamp onto the table or dresser.

You’ll want lamps in areas where you need a lot of light, such as the feeding area or the changing table. These will provide a comforting glow, and you won’t have to worry about disturbing baby’s sleep.

Floor lamps are also an option if you have older children that are well aware of safety precautions around electricity and objects that can fall if knocked against.

One more thing parents can do for their own peace of mind is add a ceiling fan to baby’s nursery.  Young infants who sleep in bedrooms with fans are shown to have a lower risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) than babies who sleep in less well-ventilated rooms, new research shows.  Investigators concluded that sleeping with a fan lowers SIDS risk by more than 70%.  Many options can help your bundle of joy breathe easier:


Tips to Remember

  • Light up the path to the nursery since there will be several trips to and from your bedroom at different times of the evening.
  • Take your baby’s safety into account at all times when creating the floor plan of your nursery.  Make sure all cords and table lamps have been carefully secured and kept of your baby’s reach, and  child proof the electrical sockets with outlet covers.
  • Do not hang lights or any heavy objects directly over the baby’s crib
  • Place the nightlight away from any bedding or fabrics
  • Remove nightlights from the socket once your baby begins to crawl
  • Make sure lights are not directed towards the baby’s eyes or at eye level
  • Use fluorescent or, even better – LED fixtures when possible

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  1. David Easter says

    Some of these lights sure do look like fun especially the ladybird night light. Never seen anything like that before but guaranteed to put a smile on any babies face.

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