Outdoor Lighting Tips For Spring

eclectic-patioBy Clarissa Allison | March 27th, 2015

Spring is here again, and for those of us on West Coast at least, that means long, leisurely evenings on the patio with the right lighting. From ambient string lights that cast a soft glow to sconces, pathway lights and more, these ideas will help spark your imagination and plan your perfect patio retreat.

1. String Lights 

Easy to use and inexpensive, you can maximize casual, eclectic style without denting your budget by using string lights. There are several options now beyond the pepper lights, such as nostalgic Edison style bulbs and mini lantern lights. They are the perfect way to enhance any outdoor landscape.

Tip: Be sure to choose outdoor-rated string lights due to the energy and cost savings. Solar string lights are another great option if you want to hang them freely and not use an outlet.

If your home is older,  your outside outlets might not have the right safety features, so consider having them upgraded. All exterior electrical outlets should have a ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) and a weatherproof box cover to keep the outlet protected.

2. Lanterns

Garden lanterns are a beautiful and unexpected way to light a path or to draw attention to particularly beautiful spot in your landscape.  They offer a warm and welcoming glow to visitors as well. Make sure it is UL rated so that it is suitable for outdoor use.  Many can also be connected to a dimmer to regulate the ambient lighting and the power consumption.

Tip: Lantern styles are also available as sconces and will still withstand the external environment. The options for lantern styles and finishes are vast. Check out our huge selection HERE.

3. Outdoor Fans

Outdoor ceiling fans are among the best ways to add light and style to your outside spaces. A UL Listed fan rated for outdoor installations is suitable for placing near the deck, bay and patio areas and can be an unexpected and welcome surprise for gathering out on the patio or deck with guests.

Kichler Lighting 310102 52 Inch Harbour Walk Patio Fan

Kichler Lighting 310102 52 Inch Harbour Walk Patio Fan

Tip: Become well-versed in air-flow efficiency before choosing a fan. Make sure it has a reverse option as well as a dimmer and all-weather blades for your best purchase.

4. Recessed Lights

Few things say outdoor room quite as elegantly as a well-placed recessed lighting.  Simple and sleek, recessed lights are perfect tucked into the covered patio of a contemporary or modern home. Being Arizona residents ourselves, we see many lanai and “Arizona Rooms”.  A lanai or lānai is a type of roofed, open-sided veranda, patio or porch, an architectural style originating in Hawaii.


Tip: Invest in a dimmer switch to control the mood you wish to cast.

5. Step Lights

Outdoor Step lights are used for a variety of applications that mostly apply to low level lighting for pathways, steps, patios, and decks. When choosing the type of step lights to use in your specific application start with the purpose you have in mind for using the step lights and the visual appearance you would like to get.

Tip: Having step lights can increase the security around the perimeter of the building or home. It is also an excellent safety measure.

Louie Lighting wishes you and yours a safe and happy weekend. Please contact us for any help with your lighting project at 1877 385 2104 or email info@louielighting.com



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    You have some great outdoor lighting ideas. I love the idea of hanging lanterns around my garden and deck area. Like you said, it would create a really warm and welcoming effect.

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    Thanks for the tips, if the methods shown in the article is done properly and goes well to the plan then, they'll surely a treat to ones eyes. Great ideas! Keep it up.

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