How To Define Space With Light

Homes with open layouts have risen in popularity of late. Open floor plans foster family interaction and make entertaining at home flow easily. Combining larger spaces also create shared experiences of cooking and eating or even relaxing. That said, those of us who live in lofts or studios can struggle with conveying a sense of… Read more

Open Floor Plan

All About Pendant Lighting

All About Pendant Lights Pendant light fixtures are suspended from the ceiling by a rod, cord or chain. They can be hung in a sequence or as a single light fixture. On Louie Lighting, you’ll find a multitude of shapes, sizes and materials in the pendant lighting products available for purchase. Pendant Lighting Types We… Read more


3 Minimalist Lighting Fixtures For Your Modern Home

One key word we’d use to describe modern lighting is “mature”. Not in the “old-fashioned” sense of the word, but in the adult sense. Minimalist design in general can often be found in the homes of folks who live a stream-lined existence, free of clutter, disorganization and distraction. When it comes to lighting, the deceptively… Read more


5 Amazing Ceiling Lights You Need Now!

Now that w’eve begun a new year many of us are looking to our indoor decor and wondering how to update it easily. One of the most effective things you can do is to upgrade your lighting. This boosts energy efficiency, increases safety if you are choosing to replace a very old hardwired fixture, and… Read more


Deck Lighting FAQ – Louie Lighting Blog

Your deck can be your own personal respite from the rigors of the day. The key is to add lighting that casts a pleasant glow over sitting areas while highlighting features like steps and walks for safety and aesthetics. In this article, learn about the different types of deck lighting, and watch a video on… Read more


Hotel and Hospitality Lighting

For those in the hospitality industry, hotel lighting is paramount to the success  your business. The fixtures and installations you choose will be an enhancement and even a subconscious focal point for your guests. Due to its importance, choosing the right lighting should be planned for thoroughly prior to investing a great deal of money… Read more


Achieving Beautiful Bathroom Lighting

Lighting in the bathroom is key, it’s importance should not be underestimated. The type of lighting, where it will be placed, along with the type and finish of the fixtures are all important choices to weigh. After all, the bathroom is often the smallest and most utilitarian room in the home, making functionality and aesthetics foremost considerations.… Read more

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Amazing Star Wars Christmas Light Show!

Wow, now this is pretty impressive. The Tracy Light Show is a yearly and free Holiday Light Show put on by a local music director in Tracy, CA. This spectacular Star Wars production is sequenced to the film’s iconic musical score with over 70,000 lights, 14,000 channels, and special effects. Be sure to check out… Read more


Make An Entrance With Foyer Lighting

Everyone knows that first impressions make a big impact, and when friends, family, or prospective home buyers come to your abode, your foyer is responsible for the snapshot image of what to expect from the interior. This makes foyer lighting an integral factor in the overall outlook visitors will have of your home. Lighting this… Read more