Selecting The Right Statement Lighting

Statement lighting is an easy way to display the personality of your home without the commitment of re-painting an entire room or purchasing a host of new furnishings. Upgrading your lighting alone will refresh your surroundings and can even lower energy costs when chosen wisely. Read on for tips and product suggestions on how to… Read more

Fifteen Light Olde Black Candle Chandelier by Hinkley Lighting - Casa Collection

Great Options For Restaurant Lighting

Lighting is an aspect of ambiance that most people aren’t consciously aware of. Without realizing it, lighting can impact our mood, make tasks easier, increase safety, and make an incredible impact on how your home or business is perceived.  Imagine booking a reservation at restaurant. You will notice the obvious:  the interior is polished and… Read more


The 5 Best White Lighting Fixtures

If you want to update your home to create an appeal of freshness and light, there’s no better color to use in your decorating scheme than white. Whether pure white, off white or cream – despite what you may initially think, white can add drama to your home. Read on for tips and product suggestions… Read more


How To Light A Narrow Living Room

Lighting an awkward or unusual space can prove to be a challenge but also lots of fun when one learns to expand their initial thoughts about what is possible when decorating. Below, read on for a list of tips on how to light your narrow living room or industrial loft with ease! Click the pictures… Read more


4 Easy Lighting Fixes For Your Home

The kind of impact even the most minor improvements to our lives can make, is amazing. We can work better and focus easier when our work area is clean and organized. We save time, while generally living and sleeping better when there is a place for everything and everything is in its place. Likewise, the… Read more


Top 5 Lighting Fixtures In Our Spring Sale

With the Spring comes cleaning, but a new season of blooming life and fresh, sunny air also seems to bring out the interior designer in many of us. The good news is it does not have to cost an arm and a leg to make improvements to your Spring decor. By simply upgrading a few… Read more


8 Ways To Light Your Attic

There is something cozy, personal and fun about using an attic in ways other than a storage area. Attics are lovely to decorate, but present a few challenges due to their architecture, sloped ceilings, and square footage. Here’s what to keep in mind to make the most of your lighting scheme when it comes to… Read more


4 Cascading Chandeliers You Need Now

If you’re the type of person people openly describe with words like “flair” “exceptional” and “elegant”, you probably already own a chandelier. But, we ask – do you have one of THESE magnificent cascading chandeliers? On the surface, we buy lights for functionality. After all, we need to see where we’re going and whether there… Read more


The 6 Best Ways To Light Your Front Yard

Using the right mixture of outdoor lighting in your front yard will enhance your home’s safety, security and beauty! While it may seem like we can simply duplicate our backyard lighting scheme in the front of our homes, there are actually differing objectives to lighting your front yard. Lights in your front yard add security… Read more


7 Signs Your Business Needs a Lighting Upgrade

Investing in energy-efficiency is an important step for any business.  Doing a lighting upgrade will also yield a significant return on investment. Read on for 7 signs it could be time for you to consider investing in LED Lighting: 1) Your utility expenses are through the roof. This may seem like a no-brainer, because it is.… Read more