How to Pull Off the Edison Bulb Trend

Nostalgic Edison Style Bulbs at Louie Lighting

By Contributing Writer Clarissa Caouette for | August 4th, 2017

The vintage look of the Edison bulb is all the rage right now. With the orange, candle-like glow these bulbs cast and their classic-became-trendy shape, they are seen all over the place today, be it at special events, in coffee shops, and on restaurant patios. There is no rule that states Edison bulbs may only be used in public places, however. Use the look of Edison bulbs in your home to add a touch of effortless cool and intrigue.


You always want the space just inside your front door to help the home make a good first impression with its guests. Hang Edison bulbs or an Edison bulb fixture to immediately draw interest and perhaps serve as the start to a conversation. They will provide your entryway with a less stiff, formal look as well as give it a softer, less harsh and more inviting glow with which to welcome your visitors.


Forgo the table lamp on your nightstand that you flip on for reading and gain extra space for books by replacing it with an Edison bulb hung from the ceiling. Or, hang a few of the light bulbs over the bed itself to give the room’s focal point more dimension and added light.



Achieve the hip ambience of your favorite coffee shop in your very own kitchen with the help of a few Edison bulbs. Hang them over your kitchen island if you have one, or above the stove, or over your breakfast table. Some Edison bulbs added to your eating and cooking space will give this area of your home the mood lighting of your favorite restaurant you’ve always wished that you could mimic at home.

Outdoor space

You know those beautifully curated weddings and events, or even fine dining patios that you see in magazines? With a string of Edison bulbs, you can get your own backyard closer to looking like those setups you admire. Hang several on your patio or deck and place a wooden picnic table underneath for a backyard get-together with family and friends. The bulbs will provide soft outdoor lighting as the night gets dark and add a new layer of vintage design to your home’s outdoor space.

They say, “Everything old becomes new again,” and that is certainly the case with the Edison light bulb. It is something that came out of another century, yet today is very on-trend and stylish.

Stop simply admiring its use by event venues, window displays, and restaurants, and start putting it to use in your own home. The Edison bulb emits a soft light and has a pleasing feel  that will not go unnoticed.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s blog. For more tips on incorporating the nostalgic light bulb trend in your home or business, please contact us at The Louie Lighting Team wishes you and yours a safe and happy weekend.

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