Security Lighting Tips For The Home

Security-Lighting-for-home1A security lighting system is a great deterrent. It illuminates the intruder, exposing them to vulnerability. While it is no guarantee to preventing criminal activity, crimes will be far less likely when you install excellent lighting.

Many of us are understandably concerned with being as green as possible and that extends to the way we light our homes. We brighten the inside of them, and then neglect outside lighting to conserve energy. This can be a huge mistake security-wise, as the idea of security lighting is that you know when someone is on or approaching your property, not to put a spotlight on your own whereabouts.

Alternately, many people want to use as many lights as possible. While it’s true most criminals won’t want to work in conditions that force them to be less than covert, the drawbacks are that not only does this become expensive and hard to maintain, but it turns your home into a federal building and eyesore. You may even encounter some issues with neighbors or your home owner’s association if intense light ends up beaming into other homes as well.

A ever more popular solution, motion lights are a favorite night security tools for the home. Let’s talk about different ways to set up lights on your home for security.

Jeremiah Lighting Z402PM Covered Flood with Photo Cell and Motion

Jeremiah Lighting Z402PM Covered Flood with Photo Cell and Motion

Security lighting should be mounted high and out of reach from vandalism, or protected by wire mesh or other shielding methods. Motion lights should be installed near areas with traffic, where people are coming and going from your home. Most of us already have porch lights and lights outside the garage. Be sure to turn these on and off at different times. If someone shows up unexpectedly or you hear something outside, it’s nice to be able to turn off the light you are standing under first, and walk over to a nearby switch to light up an area outside, all while being able to look out of the house without being noticed. There should be lights on every entry point to the house (doors and windows).

RAB Lighting STL110H Stealth 110 Sensor Floods 1000W 120V

RAB Lighting STL110H Stealth 110 Sensor Floods 1000W 120V

Motion lights are inexpensive and easy to install. The lights that are on the market today are amazingly bright, reliable and don’t use much energy. Placing them in front of the home is ideal, so that anyone walking by can see if someone is lurking around your house. Be sure that the placement is practical. After all, you don’t want your lights to come on every time someone walks by on the sidewalk. In the back of the home or in secluded areas can be tricky. You don’t really needs the light to come on every time your neighbor takes out the trash. Angle the sensor and point it at a very specific area – for instance you may want to light on the driveway so that you can see properly at night. Lights should only turn on when someone is a threat to your home. If the lights are constantly going on and off, other people will ignore them, and you will too.

White Color - Westgate Mfg YMSN180 180 Degree Motion Sensor Wall Switch YMSN180-W

White Color – Westgate Mfg YMSN180 180 Degree Motion Sensor Wall Switch YMSN180-W

Multiple lamps of medium power is better than fewer lamps of high power because it will reduce glare (which makes it difficult for an observer to see the area effectively), it will provide more even lighting with fewer zones of shadow, and it will provide redundancy if one lamp’s bulb blows out.

To prevent tampering or disabling, it’s important to protect the wiring and circuit to your lights (as well as the lamp itself). Use conduit and bury wiring underground whenever possible.
It is best to use multiple circuits when installing security lighting in several areas. If one circuit trips, you still have other live circuits.

Check to be sure that the the outdoor ‘mains’ circuit breaker box is locked as well as the electric meter box.

Hinkley Lighting 54000 Landscape Line Voltage Accent LED Spot Light

Hinkley Lighting 54000 Landscape Line Voltage Accent LED Spot Light

You also want to be able to see the lights come on from within your home. One of the best ways to do that is pointing the light at a fence or gate that is visible from your easy chair, or on a structure that will reflect a lot of light. If the motion light activates when someone walks inside that perimeter, you’ll spot them really easily.

The easiest way to set up a “quick trip” light system is to place lights at the corners of the house and pointing along the wall, with the motion sensors pointing the same way. Test it to make sure someone would have to walk past the light into the sensor area to access your house.

The last thing to consider is how you will exit the house if the times comes to investigate a strange noise or potential threat. Now is not the time to announce yourself to a potential intruder before you need to. Walking around your own house without setting off your own sensors make make an on/off switch to the lights very useful.

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