Spooky Halloween Lighting Tips

halloween_lighting_decoration_ideas_1348188725The countdown is on as we approach the time of the year when everyone gets to let loose, eat mountains of candy and throw spookily themed parties. If you want your guests to get into the spirit of the Halloween season this year at your home, use these ghoulishly fun lighting tricks!


Set the mood with otherworldly light. Place colored floodlights on the ground or attach them to trees branches or porch columns, then point them at your home to turn it blood red or ghastly green.

Make peering eyes. Cut eye shapes out of empty paper towel tubes and place glow sticks inside, then finish by taping the ends with electrical or duct tape. Nestle them in trees or shrubbery to make them look like monsters hiding in the bushes waiting to pounce on an unsuspecting trick-or-treater. You can even find ready-made spooky flashing eyes online.

Highlight decorations with uplighting. Lighting from below makes everything look eerie. Use it to call attention to a focal-point decoration, whether it’s homemade ghosts haunting your front yard or faux tombstones near the fence.



Backlight DIY scary silhouettes. With simple black poster board, you can create the silhouette of a menacing hunchback, flying witch, or a hand wielding a big knife. Tape it to your window and hang a white sheet behind it while lighting it from behind to create a spine-tingling display.

Replace indoor bulbs with colored ones. Get low wattage colored CFL bulbs you can find in green, orange, red, or purple at any Halloween or hardware store, then flip them on for instant eerie spilling out every window.

Walkway and Entry

Behold, Scary luminarias! Use a black Sharpie marker to draw pumpkins, ghosts, or other spooky shapes on paper lunch bags. Using an LED candle and in a few inches of sand inside, line your walk with them and light.

Add terrifying torches. Print out spooky silhouettes, color them in black, then cut them to fit the walls of a store-bought lantern. Ready-made bloody lanterns abound at this time of year as well.

Hang Halloween-themed string lights. If you’re going for fun over frightening, scare up some strings of ready-made lights in the shape of eyeballs, candy corn, ghosts and pumpkins. These are all plentiful at Halloween shops.

Haunt your own house. Hang a gothic chandelier in your living room right in the middle of where your guests will be congregating to give your decorations an Poe-esque experience.

What are some of your best DIY ideas for Halloween parties? We’d love to hear some of our readers’ tips and tricks!

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Happy Hauntings!


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