The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Pathway Lighting

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Pathway Lighting

By Clarissa Allison | July 22nd, 2016

Pathway lights provide us with a welcoming, guiding light when we return home, give the added functionality of helping guide us in the dark, and assist in increased safety. We all feel more comfortable walking down a well lit street when it’s dark out. Similarly, a house, no matter how opulent will still appear uninviting and unsafe when outdoor lighting is lacking. A simple detail, path lighting is one that needs careful consideration.

There are a few outdoor lighting options for different types of paths. Whether they lead directly to the your front door, nearby or through your garden, we will help you choose the right light for your home every time.


Post or pedestal lights are an excellent and stylish choice for angled down-lighting. Simply position them at regular intervals along the edge of your path . An added benefit: today’s pathway lighting designs are so lovely and elegant that they can make any outdoor space look more pleasing and are used by professionals as decorative landscaping. You may also use them to provide accent lighting on a focal point in your yard or garden. The enclosed design of outdoor post lamps also protects the bulbs from outdoor elements, making them highly durable and reliable lighting fixtures.

SPJ Lighting SPJ28-01 Pitched Post Lantern

SPJ Lighting SPJ28-01 Pitched Post Lantern


If space is tight – or you simply prefer a different aesthetic – recessed spotlights in the pathway are another excellent option.  These lights can be used outside in a protected exterior location in a residential or commercial setting. Look for damp location or wet location rated trims and housings.  (Note: When a recessed fixture is “wet location rated” it can come in to direct contact with rain and therefore can be installed in a non-protected outdoor area.)

Hadco Lighting BU4 100W Par38 Composite Bullyte Line Voltage

Hadco Lighting BU4 100W Par38 Composite Bullyte Line Voltage


If space is limited on the ground, exterior wall-mounted lights may be the answer. Again, simply install them at regular intervals, to provide up-lighting that will help you easily find your way.  Many feature energy efficient lamping for long-lasting indoor and outdoor lighting solutions that create an attractive, romantic impression at night. Look for options that are low-profile and flush-mounted with no visible hardware for a sleek and modern look.


For added convenience, you can also choose lights connected to stand-alone sensors, or motion-sensor wall lights. These turn on automatically when you approach, giving you light only when needed.  They conserve energy and keep power bills down as well!

RAB Lighting STL110H Stealth 110 Sensor Floods 1000W 120V

RAB Lighting STL110H Stealth 110 Sensor Floods 1000W 120V

Don’t forget: when it comes to choosing lights for your paths always double check that you are purchasing fixturs that are suitable for outdoor use.

For questions or help choosing the right pathway or landscape lighting for your home, please contact us toll free at 1877 385 2104 or email us at The Louie Lighting team wishes you and yours a safe and happy weekend.

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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Pathway Lighting

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