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By Clarissa Allison | July 29th, 2016

When starting the process of setting up and organizing your new home office, you will learn a lot about how your room should be lit.  The right lighting makes a huge impact on productivity, energy and mood. If you are lucky enough to work from home, you’ll have home-court advantage when it comes to the flexibility of designing your own set-up. Aesthetic appeal is important of course, but be sure not to neglect the ergonomics of your environment, as that will determine whether you end up with a successful lighting scheme that works for your needs. The ultimate goal for work space lighting to create a pleasant, functional environment free from distraction.

Below, read our ideas on lighting your work space in a beautifully cohesive manner, along with tips for those who dwell in cubicle farms or have limited lighting options.


Your desk and chair may look chic against the backdrop of that painting or tomato red wall, but you’ve got to think about what’s best for your eyes first and foremost. We now know that improper lighting has major impact on our health. Overly harsh fluorescent lighting is draining for the eyes, which can cause migraines. Dim lighting can lead to eye strain, headaches, and depression. Hopefully your office allows for sunlight to stream in through a window or even a glass door. Review your space for the natural light that may already be provided. Move your desk to this area, especially if you’ve got a great view as well. Natural light is way easier on your eye

If you have the opportunity to upgrade your overhead lighting source, try a contemporary fixture that offers balanced, diffused lighting such as the Sol Ceiling Lighting by Access Lighting. This beautiful damp rated fixture is perfect for those who prefer a low profile lighting option that still delivers soft, even light. Overhead lighting does a great job at filling in dark spaces and the appearance of “black holes” that reduce visibility and make spaces appear to be smaller.


Task Lighting is another essential layer to the lighting of a room. Task lights like desk lamps, reading lamps and other wall lamps allow you to focus on specific projects, safely helping to avoid aforementioned eye strain. The adjustable light source can be directed to illuminate reading materials, study spaces, and other work areas. Plus, having a desk lamp just LOOKS like you mean business. They add timeless sophistication to any setting. Try a vintage bankers lamp design like the one below from Lite Source in a sleek and modern office for an unexpected twist.



We know that there are people who simply prefer to work by the light of the computer screen alone, or those that prefer a clean, uncluttered look to their office environment – which means no actual lighting fixtures taking up space. If you’re a minimalist night-dweller, there are still helpful options for you. Adding ambient lighting under the lip of your desk and behind your computer monitor such as LED strip, rope or tape lighting is an ideal way to add light without adding clutter.  We have a large selection of RGB strip lights to make your work life much more colorful.


If you work in a cubicle farm each day, you’re probably all too familiar with fluorescent lighting. Here are a few tips to help your eyes stay healthy and focused:

  • Walk around outside a few times a day, the exposure to sunlight and exercise really does help productivity and focus.
  • Fluorescent lights?  While there may not be much you can do in an office building regarding this inadequate lighting, you may ask if it’s possible to have turned off during the day – at least the ones directly above your desk – or add a shield to the fixture. Luckily, many offices are making the switch to more energy efficient lighting options that are conducive to an indoor work environment.
  • The task and ambient lights are easiest to integrate into a cubicle. Save desk space by getting a small light that clips onto a surface like the Seeker Clip-On Lite by Lite Source. Ambient lights should have a low profile so that they don’t disturb your coworkers; this lamp is super bendable for precise directional task lighting.
  • If your office doesn’t allow modifications such as the moving of your desk, this is another instance for LED strip lights on the back of your monitor or under a cabinet.
Seeker Clip On Lite

Seeker Clip On Lite

Do you have pictures of your finished office lighting set up? Please send them to to be featured on our blog or website! Don’t forget to also check out our new Pinterest Board, Workspace Lighting.

The Louie Lighting Team wishes you and yours a safe and happy weekend.

Layering types of lighting ensures that your space is lit evenly and beautifully.

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